I flipped through this book in the same way that I flipped through the HTML & CSS book I noted earlier — that is, from cover to cover.

It. Is. Amazing.

I thought the book was unique in its organization style; section titles are comprised of “How can I make this happen” questions, followed immediately by a summary of the solution, a code sample, and a discussion of the code.

For those more experienced with CSS/CSS3, just glancing at the CSS code sample is a good enough review; for those less experienced, the few paragraphs of discussion text are enlightening.

I was seriously pretty happy with this book; I felt like it answered all the questions I had when — especially in the early days — I had a lot of “How do I do this with CSS?” questions that I had to google to find the answers to.

Yes, yes, everyone learns by googling — but this book is a pretty good compilation of the common questions that anyone who hasn’t had a formal course in CSS(3) would have, and would probably save the beginner a lot of time.

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