I am pretty sure I am a better developer than I was 100 days ago, but some days I look at my coworkers’ commits, or think about all the frameworks I still don’t have great experience with, and wonder about the actual rate of my progress.

Wouldn’t it be cool if more people shared their small knowledge victories, and were able to point back to those archives and say “this is what I’ve learned”?

So here’s the challenge:

  • Write a short blog post (or tweet/instagram) about ONE NEW THING you learn that’s code-related — no matter how small — each day. It could be a code snippet. It could be a summary of a stackoverflow answer. It could be a sentence referencing an “aha!” moment. #100daysofcode
  • Do it for 100 days.

Then, if you’re interested in joining a 24/7 chat of independent beginners and experts helping each other learn coding topics faster, check out the codebuddies.org slack chatroom — and share the link to your #100daysofcode blog post, tweet, or instagram in the #100daysofcode channel. You can invite yourself to the chatroom here: http://codebuddiesmeet.herokuapp.com.

You can start the challenge any day.

Credit goes to https://thegreatdiscontent.com/100days for the inspiration behind this challenge.



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