• Python uses "classical inheritance. JS uses "prototypal" inheritance.
  • In python, you have an init constructor which generally contains some methods. In javascript, any function can be constructor by putting new in front of the function call. Make a method available to every instance of this javascript constructor by adding it to the prototype property of the constructor.
class Example(object):
    def __init__(self, args):
         self.args = args

     def example_function(self):
         #something to self.args

f = Example(data)


function Example(args){
this.args = args;

Example.prototype.example_function = function() {
 //do something to this.args

f = new Example();


  • In python, functions and methods are different types.
  • How to make an object inherit from another in javascript:
function Base() {

function Derived() {

Derived.prototype = new Base();
  • How to make a class inherit from another in python:
class Base(object):

class Derived(Base):

Source: Matt Chisholm (https://blog.glyphobet.net/essay/2557)

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