I was a windows user for… well, ever since I started using a computer. Then I got side-saddled with a mac. Then I looked up some mac keyboard shortcuts. Then I got used to the idea of typing “command”-key rather than “control”-key and FINALLY figured out that it was easier to press the “command” button with the thumb rather than with the pinkie.

Then I started using all of these shortcuts:

1) Taking a Screenshot

  • shift-command-4

2) Opening up Chrome Developer Tools

  • option-command-j

3) Scrolling left, right, up, or down a page without the use of a mouse

  • swipe with two fingers simultaneously on the mousepad!

4) Right-click

  • hold down the ‘control’ key (located right near the command key) while clicking (okay, this was the only shortcut that took me an embarrassingly long while to figure out before I realized I could stop needing an external mouse…)

… Anyway, work on the computer has never been more fun now. The mac loads instantly in 2 seconds, whereas it took more than 30 seconds for my [admittedly kind-of-old PC] to load.

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