Just discovered https://github.com/gregmalcolm/python_koans by way of someone who proposed a CodeBuddies hangout on this tonight.

It’s a terminal “game” that you run while editing files to make the tests pass and it’s surprisingly fun/a good review.

Steps for getting started:
1. git clone https://github.com/gregmalcolm/python_koans.git
2. cd python_koans/python2
3. Run python contemplate_koans.py in the terminal.
4. The terminal will tell you which file in python_koans/python2/koans to open up and edit. Edit the line and then run python contemplate_koans.py in the terminal again to make it pass, at which point you’ll be pointed to the next error to fix.


I recently had a coffee chat with @saronyitbarek, who swore by TDD, and a lot of what she told me made sense — i.e. the idea of outlining your steps before you start to code. We’d just installed nose at work too, so I plan to try to get into the habit of it too.

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