So. Here’s my history with text editors:

  • I started with notepad++ on a PC. It was all right; I really enjoyed the ability to “run” my code in a web browser by clicking from the menu. This was before I understood much about file paths, and how it’s possible to view .html files without going through that user interface step.
  • I tried out Coda, but I didn’t really like its “preview” feature. It also cost $79, so I eventually settled on a free editor called Aptana.
  • At the urging of an instructor at General Assembly, I installed Sublime. I’ll occasionally get alerts requesting me to consider purchasing a license, but I love it so far! It’s #1: pretty; and #2: works well with the command-o and drag-drop-file-into-text-editor shortcuts (unlike Aptana); and #3: can open up to 2 or 3 file columns.

Screenshot below:

Screenshot of Sublime Text Editor

Of course, two months later, I might very well be blogging about how much I love NetBeans…. *grin*

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