This tutorial took a couple of hours on Saturday afternoon and a couple of hours at Hacker Hours today, + 2 hours this evening to finish. All 21 videos were free, and you can start watching it here:

My review: videos 1-16 were great, especially since the main part I was clueless about was working with models/views/controllers — so it was helpful seeing a couple of examples laid out step-by-step. I ran into trouble twice — once because I made a typo, and a second time because I missed that a tuple containing a single value still needed a comma (seriously).

Although this (Kickstarter-backed!) series purports to be aimed at entrepreneurs with “no background,” I’m not sure I’d recommend it to a complete beginner. Yes, it does a nice job summarizing simple command line and keyboard tricks as an acknowledgment to those who’ve never encountered the terminal, but I imagine some knowledge of python (so one can roughly understand what they’re typing) and html/css would significantly improve the experience.

I was not a fan of 17, 18, and 19, since for some reason the series decided to advertise paid hosting on and advocated manually dragging/dropping files via SFTP.

There was also no mention of version control, or the fact that herokuapp technically allows free django app deployments from git… which would’ve been a great step to see.

20 was mostly about a simple copy/paste job of facebook/twitter plugin snippets. The series also relied heavily on bootstrap 3 to make its UI shiny, which I thought was a smart move, but I still can’t imagine anyone without at least *some* prior html/css knowledge going through this tutorial without a lot of questions.

Summary: This ended being a pretty-good-start-to-but-not-entirely-comprehensive Django tutorial. I’m going to hit a textbook next.

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