In case you need to query your Django API but don’t want to write SQL, here’s a useful video showing a summary of all the commands you can use:

Also: Ahh! Why is it that I often find screencasts to have much clearer explanations than written tutorials? In retrospect, it makes a lot of sense; the *ideal* tutorial would probably be a series of animated GIFs showing steps and the results of those actions, but nobody has time to compile a bunch of GIFs and then write out explanation texts when it’s possible to hit two birds with one stone using a screencast.

The reason I’m happy with this tutorial is because 1/3 of the way through the video, it reminded me that I could use .value(‘COLUMNA’, ‘COLUMNB’) to grab the contents of the columns I needed. And I’d failed to notice how to do it when I was skimming through the official documentation on Django querysets earlier, mostly because — well,

django documentation screenshot

… look a lot different than:

screenshot django query

Yes, I know this means I could try to read better, too. Just wanted to point out the usefulness of screencasts as a teaching method, I suppose — especially for computer-based learning.

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